Erze Ambalaj Inc., established on an area of 25000 m2 in İzmir Kemalpaşa, is the largest company in its sector with its 40 years of experience and world-class polystyrene food packaging and insulation board products.

Our company is constantly improving itself in the field of technology in order to follow the developments in the world rapidly and to ensure consumer satisfaction. High-capacity production is carried out with powerful machine parkour.

Our new facility, which is one of the most modern and technically equipped factories in Europe, established on an area of 43000 m2 in the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone in Şanlıurfa, became operational in April 2013.

Our production capacity has been increased with our new factory where the latest technology is used. Erze Ambalaj Inc., which has proven its success with its sales in the foreign markets as well as the domestic market, provides employment opportunities to many people and a great export potential to its country with the investments it has made in the Şanlıurfa region.

Thanks to our strong team and organizational structure, we produce our wide range and high quality products with a perspective that respects the environment and people.

To be a corporate brand with a sustainable structure as the leader of the Food Packaging Industry in Turkey.